Hiring Local Moving Service For A Successful Move

Plan your move

Perhaps you plan to make a move yourself, think of the following disadvantages:

  • Renting a van: Are you ready to drive? Imagine the hassle of driving a huge moving truck. Also on top of the rental cost, you will spend more money on gas. Considering the cost and effort, you need to spend; you have to reconsider if renting a rental truck is all worth it.
  • local moving serviceDismantling and assembling furniture: Unfortunately, we often see that furniture are dismantled and move around without sufficient care ending up in broken hardware.
  • Furniture protection: Make sure that your furniture will be protected from bumps and scratches. Since you will buy the bubble wraps, pads, etc. retail, it will cost you more.
  • Packing of goods: On the average, you will need 40 to 70 cardboard boxes, rolls of bubble wraps and packaging tapes. You have to include these items when calculating the cost of DIY moving.
  • Breakage: Due to inexperience in dealing with furniture and packaging, expect that there will be some items that will break.
  • Asking for helpers: You’ll have to ask your friends for help because it will take forever if you do it alone. In return, it is just proper that you treat them pizza as a sign of gratitude.
  • Possible Injury: Due to the lack of experience, there is a higher probability that you will get hurt. You can easily get into an accident or suffer backaches or knee aches.

– Longer time to move: Due to lack of experienced manpower and necessary equipment, it will take significantly longer for a DIY move than hiring professional movers.

Ask for a quote

Ideally, don’t accept quotes over the phone. Professional moving companies would not give a quote without visiting your house. After a house visit, they will give you a written quote.

You also have to be careful with some moving portals. Some moving sites will promise that professional movers will contact you for a quote when you sign up to their website. However, you will then be spammed with calls for several days, and most of them are not even qualified, or they are not the type of movers you are looking for. It is best to directly contact a local moving service.

Always select a licensed and insured company as they all meet certain requirements. Hiring licensed companies will also lessen the chance of encountering problems. There are a lot of local moving service that is not licensed and don’t have the proper equipment and trained staff. Beware of companies that have “generic” web pages that at first glance are nice and look professional, but that does not leave a single photo of their trucks, their staff or their boxes. Such companies typically have several names, and you do not know who you are hiring or if they even have the right equipment for the job.

Analyze the quote if everything is included. There are some quotes, where the materials are not included, and you will then be charged extra on the final bill. This type of quote is misleading because you never know exactly how much you are going to spend. More often than not, it will always be way more than what you have expected. Also, check if the vat and other government fees are included in the quote.

Hiring the mover

Once you have chosen the company, call well in advance to reserve the date (10-15 days). Whereas for June and July, month-end dates and other busy seasons, you have to book way more advanced.

The moving day

Local moves are usually done in one day. For a cross-country move, it can take few days or so. A person must meet moving, so you can order a day or two to work, you are entitled to it. Only one person is needed.

After moving revise furniture and objects visible, as if broken in most businesses you have to put the breaks on the waybill produced. For packaged objects, not visible are given five business days.

Moving storage

Another factor you have to consider is the need for storage. Perhaps with good planning, you can avoid renting a storage. Moving storage carries different furniture, they covered in bubble-wrap and placed in containers, usually wooden. Also, it requires two transfers, so most expensive sale. If you really need to rent a storage facility, it’s for your best interest to get an insurance as well. The monthly fee for storage is relatively cheap. Make sure you are making a storage contract and a detailed inventory of the things that will enter into it.

Many small to medium local moving service do not have their storage facilities, and they just rent other public storage. In these cases, claiming your furniture can be tricky, plus the prices are usually higher.

Take note of these factors when planning a move so that you will have a hassle-free moving experience.

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