Best Packing Practices For Moving

The idea of packing all your belongings in a few boxes can no doubt be overwhelming. However, with a little planning, you will realize the packing process without much hassle. Try these tips to pack as the pros do:

Do not pack a week before the moving day

Whatever you do, do not let the entire task of packing start the week before the move. The chances are that in those days already be stressed enough with other last-minute preparations. More than one month in advance, you can start packing less essential things, like clothes another season and Christmas decorations. Then, concentrate on packing one room at a time: if you look for smaller goals, the task will not seem so difficult to handle.

Get rid of your belongings before moving

Reduce your belongings is one of the best ways to simplify the process of packing. Before you start packing, evaluate your belongings and separates everything you have not used in over a year. Donate these items to charity or organize a garage sale to earn some extra money that you can use on the move.

Prepare a good supply of materials for packaging

In the early stages of the move, begins to gather a lot of boxes, tape, polyethylene bubbles, newsprint and markers to ensure you have enough once you embark fully to pack your things. You can save money and help the environment if you use items you already have as packaging materials: plastic bags and bins instead of boxes, and towels and sheets instead of polyethylene bubbles.

Create a labeling system

A smart packing strategy can make the process of loading and unpacking boxes enjoyable when you arrive at your new home. In each box write content type and what room in the new house it belongs. You can even assign a different color according to the boxes the room to which they are intended. Make a list of each box and its contents. This way, you will know if you are missing something. Write “Fragile” on boxes containing items that can break.

Involve children

Removals can be a difficult time for children. However, if you invite them to participate in the process, everything can be much easier. If your children are older, let them pack their bedrooms or their favorite possessions. Give them markers, crayons, stickers, and tags or labels to decorate their boxes.

Clarify what you should not pack

Movers will not transport flammable, corrosive or explosive products. Among the most obvious gasoline, liquid fuels and lye are included. However, aerosol products such as hairspray and shaving cream can also be excluded. If you have any other products that might be questionable, be sure to ask your mover in advance.

Pack a survival kit

Avoid the hassle of having to dig through boxes on moving day by packing a box with all the essentials you will need, such as toiletries, medicines, bottled water, and snacks, do not include them in the truck.

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